SAMMI DENNARD - Producer, Director, Videographer and Editor.

Sammi trained as a dancer, was a examiner for the Imperial Ballet ISTD and has taught for 25 years in many well known, established vocational colleges as well as running her own school. Whilst attending a Dance Conference she was introduced to the Troikatronix interactive multi media program: Isadora and realized the potential of this for her own school performances and subsequently has attended much further training with this programme. She was the first person to run 22 lights through the system for a theatre performance as well as the sound with 12 radio mics. Wanting to use the live interactive video aspect for projection this prompted her to study Television Production at the University for the Creative Arts on their BA Hons programme, based at the Maidstone TV Studios. 

Sammi has filmed many dance events, her professional dancer’s eye ensuring that the performers and choreography are shown to their full advantage.

Directing, Filming and Editing:

  •  2015 to 2018 - Various project connected to BA (Hons) course.

  • 2015 - Alison Jiear at St James Theatre. Christmas Cabaret.

  • 2016 - Wedding & Reception at Bampton Church, Oxfordshire.

  • 2016 - Star Tap Reshuffled for the ISTD. Hawth Theatre, Crawley.

  • 2017 - Dance Vortex, Hawth Theatre, Crawley for Redhurst School of Dancing.

  • 2017 - Opening night at the Hatchett's Club, Mayfair.  (Lighting, Sound and Video package).Xara Vaughan, Brian May and Patti Boulaye.   

  • 2018 - Tap Challenge for the ISTD Hawth Theatre, Crawley.

  • 2018 - forever Home Documentary, based in Spain.

  • 2018 - Syllabus Videos 1 - 6 for the Greek Faculty, ISTD.  

  • 2018 - Market Theatre Hitchin Kids Drama Show, Herts

  • 2018 - Greek Syllabus Launch, Hawth Theatre Crawley

  • 2018 - Simply Performers 'Come Fly With Me', Hextable.

  • 2018 - Axarquia Animal Rescue Dog Show, Spain. 

  • 2018 - Wedding and Reception, Glasgow

  • 2019 - El Paso. Riodordo, Spain

  • 2019 - Wedding and Reception. Rye, East Sussex

  • 2019 - Braver than you Believe, Hawth Theatre, Crawley for Redhurst School of Dancing.